Replace lenses in your glasses

Don't replace, reglaze!

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Eyewear repair new hinge

Don't replace, repair!

A broken frame does not necessarily mean a new frame. We fix most breaks or bends or if needed, replace parts. From replacement screws and nose pads all the way to chemical bonding and micro pulse tig welding bits back on.

We have 25 years of experience in looking after spectacles and sunglasses and believe us, we seen it all! Our repairs are warranted for three months from the day you get them back.

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Don't replace, refurbish!

Sometimes all that is needed is a good scrub. We will disassemble your specs, give them a blast in our ultrasonic cleaning bath, lovingly wipe them down and put them back together in one piece.

If they need more than that we can get to work on any imperfections with sandpaper or rotating brushes then polish on our high speed polishing machine. If really bad, we can re-colour, re-plate or whatever is required.

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Don't replace, re... err... customise!

If you can't find just what you are looking for on the high street, how about a custom made, bespoke pair of glasses or even clip on sunglasses, made just for you.

When you get bored of your glasses and want a new look, did you know there is much you can do to change your existing pair beyond recognition. Sand blast to a matte finish, polish to a gloss lustre, dye a different colour, add ornamentation, ask us for ideas!

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How we work

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Email is always the best way to make contact. You can attach a photo or scan of your prescription if you need lenses and if you need a repair, a photo of the damage would be useful.