Edenred Eyecare Vouchers

Some of you have asked recently if we take Eyecare vouchers. I am pleased to announce publicly that we do in fact take them and gladly. There are (as always) a few caveats.

You don't get change out of a voucher I'm afraid. If you don't spend the full value then you forfeit the remainder.

If the bill is not covered by the voucher then I am going to have to ask you to do the gentlemanly/ladily(?) thing and make up the rest.

The voucher needs to have at least 30 days left before expiry. Reason being, you have to send me your glasses, I have to order the lenses, make the glasses, send them to you, for you to be happy with them then I send the voucher to Edenred for payment. That all takes time. If I had a pound for every voucher I missed the deadline on, I'd still be considerably out of pocket.