The power of re-use

Many years ago I bought a water bottle while on a trip. I'll admit I was drawn to the aesthetics more than the usability but I consider aesthetics to be equally important in a decision making process so stop judging me.

It was made in France by a company called Le Grand Tetras. Between 1912 and the late 80s they made a number of products aimed at the outdoors pursuitist but predominantly water bottles. The brand came to an end due to the proliferation of cheaper plastic bottles and of course the trend for spring water that came in disposable bottles that had taken over the world by that time. Thankfully the error of those ways has been made obvious now and you'll find a number of high quality, re-useable water bottles on the market. However, few with the charm and heritage of Le Grand Tetras. Peek through the dusty window of almost any French out-building or cellar and you'll see at least one forgotten on a high shelf.

I used mine for a few years before sadly, the rubber seal started to degrade. They were made of natural rubber which is prone to this. This ended its usability but as I liked the aesthetics so much, I couldn't throw it away. Lucky for me I didn't as something exciting has happened to the brand.

In 2019, the brand was revived and relaunched. New products are being made with the iconic capercaillie printed on the side but even better, the new owners have decided to get all those old bottles back into service by supplying new seals for the bottle free of charge! The only requirement is that you show your old bottle on social media or to email them with a photo of it and they will send a brand new gasket.

It is now made from synthetic rubber which is much more durable and should outlast you, well me anyway.